Hi, all the Heltecers from the Heltec community!

Inspiring news for you all out there. It gives our valued customers immense pleasure and satisfaction to announce that Heltec is approved as an official hotspot manufacturer for the Helium community.

Over the past few months, Thank you for reaching out to us. We are very pleased to see the interest the community is showing in the Heltec Hotspot Miner. The Heltec is currently the qualified provider of Helium miners worldwide.

About the first batch release

The first official release with 400 units for limited-time offers will get started at 23:00 Beijing Time (UTC+8) on 27th August, please keep your eyes peeled and hope all your guys get your own miners there 😀

Unique sales link: https://heltec.org/project/ht-m2808/

In order to allow more people to experience Heltec Indoor Hotspot, each user can purchase up to 2 sets.

400 sets of frequency bands:

  • 470 – 510 MHz version: 100 sets (Reserved)
  • 863 – 870 MHz version: 150 sets
  • 902 – 928 MHz version: 150 sets

According to the Helium official regulations, we are temporarily unable to sell to FCC covered areas now. Please confirm your delivery address before buying.

The first 400 sets delivery time

At present, we still have three steps that have not been completed:

  1. Obtain a maker account;
  2. Add to the Helium blockchain;
  3. Complete the compilation of the Helium APP.

The goods will be sent out about 10 days after the completion of the above three steps in cooperation with Helium officials.

Preorder and waitlist

As you are probably aware we are now an independent community-approved manufacturer and able to directly onboard hotspots. Because of the high volume of orders and with existing solid demands for our Heltec miners, we found the waitlist is not friendly for customers…

Imagine this situation: 1000 people are queuing in the waitlist, and a total of 100,000 devices are needed, but because of the shortage of chips all over the world, it is impossible to produce so many devices in a short time. The long wait will disappoint the customers in the waitlist. So we have to open the pre-sale directly, and the pre-sale quantity is the real quantity that we can ensure that we can deliver as soon as possible!

We are working on a range of Heltec specific versions of our miner products which should come to light in the next couple of months. Once this happens, we would love to welcome you to join our preorder. I hope you can understand that at the moment, But we would keep your details on our records and we will keep in touch once the upcoming batch of miners is announced.

When the preorder start

In our production plan, the total quantity of the next batch is 5000 sets. Heltec will be responsible for part of the online pre-sale, and the other part of the offline and online sales will be carried out by our approved distributors. The estimated time will be the start of September, right after the first release.

Distribution announcement

Before the distributors were officially announced by Heltec Automation, there were NO third-party sales channels other than heltec.org. beware of phishing scams or distrustful ones. subsequently, there are a bunch of applicants waiting to go through our vigorous screenings to be qualified and the official distributor list will be posted later.


The Heltec Team