October 1st ~ 7th is China’s National Day holiday, partial work will resume on October 5th.


The limited-time offer at 23:00 on October 1st was sold out within one hour. Thanks everyone for your support. We will send out the products you ordered within 30 working days.

2021-10-6 (Beta)

For a single order quantity of fewer than 100 sets, now we can receive HNT as a payment method. For more details please refer to this FAQ topic.


A local diagnostic page was released today via OTA upgrade V1.14 and V1.1.5.

Enter the LAN IP address of Heltec Indoor Hotspot in the browser to open the local diagnostic page. The current diagnosis page only implements basic functions, because a large number of enthusiastic users need this page eagerly. Beautiful UI is being produced and will be pushed through OTA in the future.

The detailed user manual of this diagnostic page please refer to this document.


It is very unfortunate to announce that we will stop accepting bank transfers as a payment method for limited-time purchases on our website.

As the bank informed us, wire transfers only support remittance from corporate accounts, not personal accounts. As a result, numerous online and offline orders have yet to be confirmed to the account for such a long period of time.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, We will also make an effort to contact customers who have already paid by bank transfer for a refund as well as negotiate for any other payment options. For these customers who adopt the new payment method, we will guarantee the originally planned delivery time.


Suspend the use of HNT as a payment method. Accept USDT as a payment method.

Because the price of HNT fluctuates so much that we often encounter situations like this: For example, yesterday the price of HNT was 22 US dollars, but today suddenly reached 30 USD, then the customer who paid $22 yesterday asked for a refund. After the refund was completed, then placed an order again and traded at a price of $30.

This situation will greatly increase our workload, so we changed to accept the more stable USDT as the payment method.


Recently, some customers reported that the machine only has the white LED light and the power light on. In this state, the machine cannot connect to Bluetooth, and some functions of the miner may not work properly, etc. Some functions hang.

The main reason for this situation is that the power source of Heltec Indoor Hotspot was forcibly cut off (unplug the power cord directly), resulting in garbled characters in the miner-related configuration files stored in the eMMC. If you encounter this situation, please ensure that the Heltec Indoor Hotspot’s network and power are normal, and send the Heltec Indoor Hotspot’s name or Mac address to support@heltec.cn, then our engineers can help you fix this problem remotely.

We have dealt with this kind of problem in the update file, but that still can’t completely prevent the file damage caused by forced power failure, so if you need to shut down, please press and hold the power button, do not directly unplug the power cord!!!


After the V1.1.7 patch was released this morning, many machines have been synchronizing, disconnected, etc. This is because Heltec Indoor Hotspot downloaded the latest blockchain mirror from the latest URL and is synchronizing.

Don’t worry, all you can do is wait for the synchronization to complete.


As the cost of chips, components, materials, and so on has risen dramatically, the price of the Heltec Indoor Hotspot will rise by 40 US dollars beginning November 25th, bringing it from 459 USD to 499 USD (retail price). Please keep yourself up to date.


As the Helium network becomes more and more popular around the world, the block height continues to increase. Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from customers about the slow synchronization of the blockchain, which will lead to problems such as the reduction of the entire hotspot activity. In response, we have launched an OTA update of version V1.2.4 to solve this problem.

After this update is activated, please observe your devices more. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.