Hotspot has an automatic upgrade function, and we will release some optimization features or updates to fix problems from time to time.

The following two cases will detect whether a new upgrade is available:

  1. When the system is turned on;
  2. Since the system is turned on, it will be checked every 6 hours to see if the latest update is available.

If you want your system can get the upgrade immediately, you can press the power button briefly to trigger the system reboot.

Heltec Hotspot Upgrade Logs
2021-9-22 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.4)

  1. After the public delivery, the first upgrade;
  2. Fix the problem that the blockchain may be stuck during synchronization.

2021-9-29 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.5)

  • Fix the problem of DNS parsing errors in some network environments.

This problem may cause the HT-M2808 to connect to the server to get updates errors or display as offline on the Helium APP. It can be solved by restarting the device or restarting the router.

2021-9-30 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.6)

  • Fixed the problem that the old docker images cannot be completely deleted locally on the HT-M2808 after the Helium official miner image is updated.

2021-9-30 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.7)

  • Fixed the problem that may cause the working frequency to be wrong after the upgrade.

2021-10-6 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.8)

  • Correct the status of the orange LED synchronization indicator. The yellow light may keep flashing all the time since the last Helium API upgrade.

2021-10-7 -- OTA upgrade (V1.0.9)

  • Added automatic cleaning up of redundant blocks function.

When the block volume exceeds 80% of the total eMMC capacity, the redundant blocks are automatically cleaned up.

2021-10-8 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.0)

  • Upgrade the remote connection function.

2021-10-12 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.1)

  • Automatic update program upgrade.

2021-10-13 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.2)

  • Add automatic repair function.

If the block does not move for a long time, it will automatically reset.

2021-10-18 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.3)

  • Modify the miner UDP 1680 port monitoring IP to be local only.

This is an important emergency update. In recent days, customers have reported that the beacons of the machine have been hijacked to another completely unrelated machine. This update protects Heltec Indoor Hotspot from such hacking attacks.

2021-10-21 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.4)

  • Add local diagnostic page.

Enter the LAN IP address of Heltec Indoor Hotspot in the browser to open the local diagnostic page. The current diagnosis page only implements basic functions, because a large number of enthusiastic users need this page eagerly. Beautiful UI is being produced and will be pushed through OTA in the future.

2021-10-21 -- OTA upgrade (V1.1.5)

  • Add user name and password for the local diagnostic page.
    • Default user name: HT-M2808
    • Default password: The last six digits of your devices’ ethernet Mac address, in lowercase. For example, your ETH address is 11:22:33:AA:BB:CC, then your default password is aabbcc.

The ethernet address can be found on the back label of the fuselage. If the label is broken, Plug the network cable into the device, you can see the Mac address in the router’s management page.