About delivery time

All Heltec orders will be shipped within 30 working days. Unfortunately, the precise delivery time depends on the production department and the warehouse’s ordering situation, so we can’t estimate it, but we can be sure that we will ship the goods as quickly as possible within 30 working days in the order of payment.

About DHL/Fedex Carrier

In most cases will use FedEx or TNT, partly DHL.


Our company is located in Chengdu, an inland city of China. The local DHL in our city does not accept packages worth more than 5000 yuan (~770 USD). If for some reason, you require your package must be sent via DHL, your parcel will need to have the following three steps:

  1. We send the goods to Shenzhen;
  2. The express company in Shenzhen sends the goods to Hong Kong;
  3. Wait in line for the warehouse and send the goods to all over the world by Hong Kong DHL.
About invoice

If place an order on the Heltec website.

You will be able to download an invoice on the “My Account” page (Orders label). However, this invoice is automatically generated by the system. If the invoice cannot meet your requirements, please contact this email: support@heltec.cn

If place an order via Heltec’s offline sales channel

After you get in touch with Heltec and confirm the business details (before payment), our sales staff will send you an email with an invoice attachment. You can communicate your request for an invoice with our sales staff.