Environmental Monitoring Sensing Network

Heltec is dedicated to providing field ready data-collection solutions to system integrators and service providers. From indoor to outdoor , from sensors to different dataloggers / gateways , we aim to develop and provide best-in-class products and services to verticals like Smart manufacturing, Weather Monitoring, Smart Farming, and others with environmental-sensing scenarios.

Application Scenario

Industrial Scenario

  • Real-time collected data to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.The Sensor Hub series and temperature probe series for industrial production are particularly excellent in this regard.
  • Monitor production environment data, such as noise, pollution, etc., to provide a healthier and more comfortable working environment for employees. Solve the potential safety hazards, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

Weather And Environment Monitoring

  • Weather monitoring helps to monitor environmental factors such as air pollution, air quality, and UV radiation, and helps to take measures to protect the environment and human health.
  • Wind and solar power plants often require weather data to determine optimal generation timing and energy production forecasts to improve energy efficiency.
  • Weather monitoring can detect and forecast extreme weather events in time, such as heavy rain, typhoon, blizzard, etc., so as to remind people to take necessary measures to protect life and safety.

Intelligent Agriculture

  • Environmental monitoring can understand the changes of meteorological factors such as temperature, humidity and illumination in real time, and provide a basis for agricultural production.
  • Through the monitoring of chemical substance content, water quality, air pollution and other conditions in farmland soil, the quality of agricultural products can be mastered in time.
  • Environmental monitoring can effectively help the smooth development of meteorological disaster prevention work.

Smart Farming

The optimization and management of the environment is crucial in the farmed livestock industry. Environmental factors can significantly improve the productivity and economic performance of husbandry through the benefits of creating suitable growth conditions, reducing disease risks, improving product quality, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Heltec provide industrial-grade applications: Integrated Sensors, Sensor Converters, Gateways, Edge Computing devices, Cloud Platforms, etc.

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

Devices can be registered to the Heltec Snap Emu platform with just one click through APP scanning or Bluetooth, data display, data subscription, and management can be achieved on the platform side.

Multi Platform Support

The device integration standard LoRaWAN protocol, in addition to the Heltec SnapEmu IoT Platform, can also support commonly used IoT platforms such as ChirpStack, TTN/TTS, AWS, MQTT subscription, etc

High Reliability

The equipment has a clever structural design, which not only ensures a beautiful appearance and convenient installation, but also has good protective characteristics, the protection level is IP66.

Biult Python Engine

Built in Python engine, users can write their own Python scripts to implement some logical functions or condition judgments without affecting the core functions of the entire device.

Modular Design

The whole series adopts modular design, which can achieve different functions by replacing modules, making it more flexible to cope with different usage scenarios.

Low-power Design

Some products powered by batteries have good low-power design, up to 2 years for rechargeable devices, up to 10 years for disposable battery devices, which can effectively reduce system maintenance costs.

Topological relationships

We offer a wide range of sensors, including temperature, humidity, light, various water quality, gas, atmospheric pressure, etc. We also have converter for driving third-party sensors. At the same time, we provide gateway, edge computing devices, professional iot platform and cloud services.


You can find suitable devices from the following series and easily build an application system that suits your application.


Sensors and Weather Station


SensorHub Series


Edge Computing and Gateway

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If you have any questions or ideas about our products and services, please feel free to contact us!