Heltec rigorously screened dozens of high-performance sensors and integrated them into a single PCB of uniform size and interface, which is the QuickLink sensor family. 2.54 Stamp port or PH2.0-4P interface, so you can easily deploy your project without using other cables.

Application Scenario

Embedded Learning and Development

The series can be connected to other modules or development boards through stamp holes or PH2.0 4P cables, which makes wiring easier and is therefore ideal for novices. If you are a skilled engineer, this series can also save you more time.

QuickLink Sensors family :

Upgrade to Industrial Solutions

With the Sensor Hub and Wireless Aggregater, you can easily turn the QuickLink into a LoRaWAN® sensor.

Sensor Hub and Wireless Aggregater are designed for industrial and outdoor scenarios, respectively, with IP66 level protection, so that these applications can be directly deployed to any occasion, thus greatly increasing the scalability of Sensor Hub and Wireless Aggregater.


Key Features

Strong Extensibility

All sensors are integrated on a standard-sized PCB with a uniform interface that can be soldered directly to the circuit or connected to other devices via a PH2.0 interface.

Powerful Performance

All the sensors have been rigorously tested and have high sensitivity and high accuracy. If you have other sensor requirements, you are welcome to contact us to order.

High Cost-effective

The price of the QuickLink series is kept extremely low with guaranteed functionality, and because it can be integrated into other devices, the cost of your deployment project is greatly reduced.

Complete System

We provide a wealth of sensor types and will continue to enrich it later. At the same time, many of our devices can cooperate with the QuickLink series for application and development. We even provide a development environment for these devices.

Topological relationships

Heltec provides you with a variety of models of sub-equipment and a rich selection of accessories, for different needs. In addition to providing the development environment and sample code, we also set up a free iot platform and LoRaWAN server for testing.


You can find suitable devices from the following series and easily build an application system that suits your application.


QuickLink Series





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