Slide LoRa Node Series Perfect Arduino-compatible with LoRaWAN-Node stack, ultra-low power design, can work with solar panels directly . play_circle_outline Know More

Slide We Provide All LoRaWAN Solutions "Node --(LoRaWAN)--> Gateway --(MQTT)-->Server", this process is a little complicated for novices, our goal is to make sure you complete the entire connection in 5 minutes, allowing you to pay more attention to your applications. LoRa Nodes A variety of LoRa nodes, includes "ASR650X", "ESP32 + SX127X", "STM32 + SX127X" series, can meet the needs of different application scenarios. LoRa Gateways LoRa gateways are gradually enriching, will include variety solutions including low cost, indoor, industrial, outdoor, solar energy, etc. LoRa Server & Database A simple and fully functional LoRa cloud server is in the stage of internal testing, public beta stage is coming soon... Heltec LoRa Family arrow_right

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Slide Your Professionals Why Choose Us? For All Specializations “What do you think is the purpose of technology?” “People-oriented, simple and stable.” Professional Software & System Development Capabilities We provide complete software examples, detail documents for our hardware, and provide relevant technical support. Advanced Equipment & Quality Assurance System Each function has been repeatedly tested, and users can see from the product that we are serious and rigorous. We have Our Own SMT Producing Factory We have two semi-automatic SMT production lines, which can ensure that all production and testing are within our control. Know More About Us arrow_right