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2022-4-27 -- V1.0.1

The beta version has the following main features:

  • Activate new hotspots
    • Activate by scanning a QR code
    • Activate via Bluetooth
  • transfer hotspots
  • Locate the hotspots
  • Display the current amount of HNT
  • Display wallet address in string or QR code
  • Show 24 hours earnings
  • Display the number of Hotspots and Validators

2022-5-17 -- V1.0.2

The V1.0.2 upgrade version added the following features:

  • Added the function of pull-down refresh;
  • Added sync status indication to the device list page.

Coming soon!

preparation stage

Submitted the demo version APP, waiting for review.

If you have any feedback, comments, or ideas when using the mobile APP, we welcome to share and discuss them here.