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Heltec Indoor Hotspot Offline Sales

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If you missed the limited-time purchase or want to buy more than two sets, now you can place an order via this offline sales channel.


The Heltec Indoor Hotspot with EU868, US915, AU915, AS923 is now ready to place through our offline channels. The process of placing an offline order is as follows:
  1. Fill in the required information on this page. In the content field, fill in the frequency band and quantity you need;
  2. We will quote you and send the invoice according to your needs in 24 hours;
  3. Transfer to the payment information in the invoice attachment;
  4. After we receive your remittance, you will receive an email from Heltec’s ERP system, which contains your order number;
  5. Under normal circumstances, the estimated delivery time is 30 working days after receiving the payment, and we will publish the order delivery status on this page.

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