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filter 1

External Filter (863~870MHz)


Heltec’s external filters are easy to use and can be integrated directly into hotspot devices. Our filter can reduce noise, increase signal-to-noise ratio, and increase the reception range of EU868 machines running V1.0/V1.1, resulting in the filter receiving the node’s signal continuously and reliably.

  • Center frequency: 866.5MHz
  • Frequency range: 863~870MHz
  • Insertion loss: 2.3dB

Fiberglass Omni Antennas


The 3DB antenna with the base on its bottom, and the other gains of antennas are provided with adapter cables and U-mounts.


Heltec Customized Hoody-limited Edition


The hoody has been enchanted and endowed with mystical powers from the East, and it is said that those who wear it will undergo a significant reduction in code bugs and that the hardware created will be extremely stable.

  • Without leaving lint design
  • Material: COTTON
  • Sleeve style: REGULAR
  • Season: Spring/Autumn
  • Suitable for the crowd: Unisex hoodies